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3rd of June, 2019


Jan. 04, 2018


Jan. 04, 2018


3rd of June, 2018


Jan. 04, 2018


Jan. 04, 2018


Jan. 04, 2018

IMUNA National Conferences

For the 5th year the HaiMUN national

conference was held in the University of

Haifa on the 10th of January, 2016, and it was

the largest MUN conference to be held in the

University of Haifa so far. In the conference took part around 200 students from all over the country.

The theme of the conference was "Local Issues - Global Impact", thus the committees dealt with topics such the refugee's crisis, the crisis in Yemen and more. Moreover, the a Historical Security Council simulation was held too to satisfy the hardcore MUNers in the local league.

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