Bar Ilan University Model UN Society


The Model United Nations society at Bar Ilan University (BarMUN) was established in 2012 by BIU students. Drawing from nearly facets of the student body, the society's demographics reflect its extreme diversity. With a near equal division between gender, religiosity, international/native Israeli students (which is a microcosm of the BIU) the society prides itself in assisting its members towards social integration on campus.

BarMUN strives to instill knowledge and leadership skills in its participants and to drive them to participate in national and international conferences, while respectfully representing the university and displaying its academic excellence. As a result, BarMUN is home to one of the highest MUN academic standards amongst societies in Israel. Since 2012, BarMUN has hosted national conferences and won awards at national and international conferences. BarMUN was honored with the "Best Delegation Award" at MadridMUN 2016.

This year BarMUN aims to continue educating its members in understanding diplomacy and international relations. They look forward to meeting with ambassadors, participating in (inter)national conferences, and collaborating with MUN societies in Israel and abroad.

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Li-or Pinchas.jpeg

Li-or Pinchas

Head of Academics

Abdullah Watted.jpeg

Abdullah Watted


Gila Bluth.jpeg

Gila Bluth


tamir barmun.jpeg

Tamir Faibish

Head of Alumni

Jegors Krisbergs.jpeg

Jegors Krisbergs

Vice President

Michal Shamaim Schechter.jpeg

Michal Shechter

Head of Events

Naomi Henoch.jpeg

Naomi Henoch

Head of Marketing

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