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The YouthDelegate Program

Israel's Youth Delegates to the United Nations

Meet Israel's Youth Delegates to the United Nations

תכירו את נציגי דור העתיד של מדינת ישראל לאו״ם

Israel's Youth Delegates Through The Years

About the Youth Delegate Program

Have you ever dreamed to work in the UN? Are you passionate about the youth of Israel? Has the idea of representing Israel and its youth been a dream for you but seemed so out-of-reach? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place! The Youth Delegate Program, administered by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with IMUNA and the Israeli Youth Authority, is a program where one Israeli youth is chosen each year in order to represent the country in the United Nation's headquarters in New York and here in Israel. The program includes young people from all around the globe, who are passionate and eager regarding international relations. The delegates discuss, have meetings, and represent their nation and its youth with the aim of advocating for social justice.

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Support Israeli YouthDiplomacy Today

Israel's youth hold a critical leadership and diplomatic role amidst the ongoing challenges facing Israel and the world today. IMUNA aims to help, develop, and empower students and young professionals to step up, and is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders across various sectors. Empowering young individuals and providing them with opportunities to engage on the global stage, participate in the United Nations as well as other international forums, IMUNA strives to continue its mission with you help. 

Thank you for your contribution and for being a part of our mission to cultivate a generation of empowered global citizens.

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