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In Memory of Michall-Golda Karp

The GoldDiplomat Program

Dedicated to Shaping the Future of Youth Diplomacy.

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In Memory of Michall-Golda Karp

About The Gold Diplomat Program

The Gold Diplomat Program (GoDiP), is an IMUNA flagship initiative dedicated to shaping the future of youth diplomacy. Designed to empower young leaders, GoDiP provides them with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities necessary to excel in the realms of diplomacy, international relations, and global governance.

On a mission to ignite and spearhead Israel's youth diplomacy by fostering a deep understanding of international affairs, enhancing diplomatic skills, and promoting active global citizenship, IMUNA aims to inspire young individuals to become proactive leaders who drive positive change in their communities and the world at large.

Through a dynamic blend of educational modules, practical engagements, hands-on simulations, and collaborative projects, participants gain practical experience and deepen their understanding of international affairs.

Participants in the Gold Diplomat Program engage in expert-led sessions, internships with diplomatic missions, and mentorship from seasoned professionals, fostering a robust foundation in diplomacy and enhancing their leadership skills. The program also offers unique networking opportunities, enabling young leaders to connect with peers and professionals across multiple sectors. By combining rigorous academic training with practical experiences, the Gold Diplomat Program prepares the next generation of diplomatic leaders to address global challenges, drive positive change, and lead the world of tomorrow.



Extremely proud and anxious to breath life into the program, IMUNA looks forward to collaborating with other platforms, organizations and entities of youth diplomacy to realize a leading program of innovative youth diplomacy and diplomatic leadership.

The Gold Diplomat Program is established and administered by IMUNA in memory of its CEO, and former President, Ari Karp's late sister, Michall-Golda Karp.​

Uplifted Youth

Support Israeli YouthDiplomacy Today

Israel's youth hold a critical leadership and diplomatic role amidst the ongoing challenges facing Israel and the world today. IMUNA aims to help, develop, and empower students and young professionals to step up, and is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders across various sectors. Empowering young individuals and providing them with opportunities to engage on the global stage, participate in the United Nations as well as other international forums, IMUNA strives to continue its mission with you help. 

Thank you for your contribution and for being a part of our mission to cultivate a generation of empowered global citizens.

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