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Are you a passionate individual who wants to contribute in shaping the future of MUN and Youth Diplomacy in Israel?
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Conference Supervisory

IMUNA Conference Supervisory Department

Role includes: Model UN conference bid development, drafting, organization, content, budgeting, coordination, logistics, facilitation, supervision and improvement.


Academic Department

IMUNA Academic Department

Role includes: Creating, developing, fulfilling, ensuring, maintaining, supervising and improving the Model UN academics sector and aspects.


Marketing Department

IMUNA Marketing and Media Department

Role includes: Ideation, development, strategy, content writing, graphic design, organizing, facilitating, improving brand awareness and overall platforms management 


Executive Assistants

IMUNA Executive Assistant(s)

Role includes: Scheduling, organization, coordination, logistics, financial tracking, interviews, project management, communication, coordination, admin, prioritization, and more.


Projects Departments

IMUNA Projects & Programs Department

Role includes: Project and program ideation, development, organization, content, budgeting, logistics, facilitation and improvement.


Fundraising Department

IMUNA Fundraising Department

Role includes: Fundraising ideation, organization, grant writing, financial tracking, budgeting, outreach, ensuring, maintaining and improving the funding sector. 


Relations Departments

IMUNA External Relations Department

Role includes: Media relations, branding, coordination, communication, strategy, crisis management, copywriting, external relation, commentary, and more.

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Alumni Department

IMUNA Alumni Engagement Department

Role includes: CRM, Database management, community relations, strategy, budgeting, ideation, development, organization, facilitation and improving alumni affairs.


HR Department

IMUNA Human Resources Department

Role includes: Interns and volunteer coordination, communication, logistics, interviews, socials, management, logistics, budgeting, sensitive matters, discretion, and more.



IMUNA Spokesperson

Role includes: Public speaking, branding, strategy, marketing, issuing statements, management, interviews, commentary, media relations, crisis management, and more.

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