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Leadership Summit
Youth Empowerment

The IMUNA Leadership Summit is a prestigious and engaging summit set to empower youth and young professionals in personal, professional and career development. An innovative creation of The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA), we are eager to continue this great annual event and invite you to join the upcoming edition this coming year. This great project is inspired by the drive and determination of IMUNA to empower youth and its dedication to realize the next generation of leaders and leadership today.

Leadership is found in many situations and comes in many forms. Coming to answer the call and need for new innovative leadership development, the IMUNA Leadership Summit provides youth and participants the opportunity to develop their skills and capabilities in a practical and engaging dynamic. 

Bringing together various speakers, facilitators and guests from different sectors and fields of society, the summit will include a variety of workshops, panels, discussions and lectures engaging participants with practical took building, skill building, lessons learned and best practices. An array of CEOs, Ambassadors, Entrepreneurs, Professors, and other leaders and experts will engage the participants in sessions on an assortment of fields, including legal analysis, business management, leadership, professional development, executive presence, and more. Workshops will provide participants with hands-on, practical assistance in professional and personal development. Throughout the summit, as participants interact with others, they will gain practical tools and be able to build a strong and lasting network of youth leaders in Israel. 


Developed to be an annual event, each leadership summit will provide the younger generation of leaders with a solid foundation and a platform for their professional development. Through the Leadership Summit IMUNA will empower youth towards self development and realization of their unique and individual leadership style in society. They will be provided with a launching point for success and tools they need in order to further their personal and professional career development.

Set to be an incredible event and opportunity, IMUNA is excited to invite youth from across the sectors and communities to partake and attend the inaugural edition of this great occurrence. Moreover, we anxiously and with great excitement look forward to connecting with key leaders, organizations and institutions to realize the best possible event outcome for all our participants at the Summit. We welcome any and all interested parties to reach out to us, and together we will bring about the best possible Leadership Summit for all.

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