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Executive Team

Daniel Hazanovitz (Chairperson)

Daniel Hazanovitz | Chairperson & Executive Board Member

Prior to her position as Chairperson in IMUNA, Daniel worked as a Diplomatic Adviser for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, including two years at the UN HQ in New York. Her work covered an array of international issues pertaining to sustainable development, human rights, peace & security, UN budgets, policies, administration & organizational reform. In addition, she engaged in special projects and collaborations between the UN and Israel’s government, as well as its private sector. Daniel also has several years’ experience working for the Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce, an NGO dedicated to enhancing business relationships between the two countries.

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Ofek Sapir | Deputy Chairperson & Executive Board Member

Ofek has been part of IMUNA for the past 5 years, starting as a delegate at the Open University Model UN (OPENMUN) Society and becoming the President of the society the following year. Following his term in OPENMUN, he started to volunteer in the organization as the IMUNA Academic Director and, finally, as the President of IMUNA until the end of last year (2021). Ofek is now part of the IMUNA Executive board and serves as the Deputy Chairperson. Ofek is a graduated B.A student of the Open University in the field of Political Science, International relations and Media Studies.

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Shmuel Snyder | President & Executive Board Member

Ari Karp

Ari Karp | Chief Executive Officer

Ari is the first CEO of IMUNA and joined the organization through its chapter at the IDC Herzliya in 2016. Throughout his time in IMUNA, Ari has served in a variety of capacities and leading positions, including President of the IDC Chapter, Director of Sponsor Relations and Fundraising, Deputy Secretary General of IMUNA's International Conference in 2019 and most recently as President of the organization.  Under his leadership the organization has expanded its partnerships; undergone a period of  revitalization and strengthening; and begun integration and adaptation of UN SDGs in organizational framework.

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Alyssa Annis | Vice President & Conference Supervisor

Alyssa started doing activities with IMUNA last year including participating in the ambassadors academy. IMUNA always holds great programs which help people grow in the field of diplomacy. 

In her free time she runs an Instagram page on Holocaust Education and volunteers with survivors. She is inspired by so many people but Holocaust survivors in her opinion are the most inspiring people! They went through so much, and yet, today, many of them spend their days sharing their story to make sure the world never forgets.

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