The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Model UN Society (HUJIMUN)

Since its foundation in 2009, The Model United Nations society at the Hebrew University (HujiMUN) and its team of dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to increasingly offer more students the opportunity to become the diplomats of tomorrow. HujiMUN students excel in their professionalism, their passion for collaboration and cooperation, as well as in their exceptional negotiation skills.


Functioning as a club within the Hebrew University, HujiMUN seeks to enhance its participants' educational experience. The program, conducted in English, focuses on public speaking, negotiation, teamwork and more. It provides a platform through which to simulate taking on the role of leaders and decision-makers in various diplomatic situations in order to reach real and innovative solutions to global issues. Interactions with diplomats and decision-makers from Israel and abroad add depth to the program and real-life applications for what they are learning, further enhancing the impact of the weekly simulations where participants improve their skills.

This year HujiMUN seeks to grow its society and deepen connections with other societies and organizations nationally and internationally.

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Autumn Groat


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Yarden Jablon

 Alumni Director

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Anna Vesileva 

 Academic Advisor

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Rebecca Meller 


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Sasha Rubina 

 Academic Coach 

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Gilad Hillel

Social and Special projects coordinator


Maiss Halabi 

Vice President

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Julia Battah

Head of Academics

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Yakir Eyal 

 Academic Advisor

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