The College of Management Model UN Society (COMASMUN)

The Model United Nations (ComasMUN) society at the College of Management Academic Studies was founded in 2011 as an extracurricular platform aimed at introducing students to diplomacy in general and the work of the United Nations in particular. ComasMUN strives to increase student's interest in diplomacy and public affairs to help create a new generation of diplomats and leaders.

While working towards these goals, ComasMUN provides its members with crucial skills such as public speaking, negotiation, situation analysis, self-confidence, creative and critical thinking and countless others. These skills empower them for success whether they pursue a life of diplomacy or not. 

ComasMUN also hosts expert speakers - including past and present diplomats - so as to expose its members to real life diplomacy and allow them to learn from the experience of people working in the field. This year ComasMUN aims to provide new and exciting activities for its students, and to further bolster its numbers.

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Asaf Hemed (1).jpeg

Asaf Hemed


Yotam Levy.jpg

Yotam Levy

Head of Academics

Shaked Hakun.jpeg

Shaked Hakun

Vice President

Dor Tamir.jpeg

Dor Tamir

Head of Marketing

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