The Ariel University Model United Nations Society (ARMUN)

The Model United Nations at Ariel University (ArMUN) was founded in 2014 by student at the Ariel University.  Aimed at arousing interest and knowledge among the students in the United Nations and international organizations, ArMUN seeks to draw students and young professionals closer to the fields of diplomacy and foreign affairs.


Functioning as an academic course and conducted in English, the society educates and empowers its members with in leadership and decision-making processes. Via academic lessons, conferences and events, as well as interactions with diplomats and decision-makers, ArMUN increases the self-confidence of its members by improving their public speaking, innovative & creative thinking, and analysis capability. Among ArMUN’s outstanding activities and achievements in the past years, stand its ArMUN Delegation simulation, as well as the high number of awards won by its members at national and international conferences.


This year ArMUN hopes to increase its membership, grow its alumni network, and expand its activities & collaborations on a national and global level.

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Stav Ashush.jpg

Stav Ashush

Head of Academics


Ariel Belhasan


Moriya hadad.jpg

Moriya Hadad

Vice President

Liel Eshet.jpg

Liel Eshet

Head of Logistics

Gitit Meidad.jpg

Gitit Meidad

Head of Media

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