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Who We Are

The Israeli Model United Nations Association R.A. (IMUNA) is the national registered non-profit organization (NGO) of Model UN and Youth Diplomacy in the State of Israel. IMUNA is devoted to the promotion of the next generation of diplomatic leaders and leadership in Israel. The organization is comprised of, manages and supervises the leading and prestigious Model UN chapters active in Universities and Colleges nationwide, with over 500 students and young professionals annually.

IMUNA facilitates various programs that enable students and young professionals to enhance their skills and experience in the fields of public speaking, conflict resolution, decision-making, legal analysis, business interaction, negotiation, strategy and more through debate, workshops, and seminars, and aims to instill a passion for diplomacy and leadership along with the tools required to work in the field.

Beyond the traditional Model UN programs, IMUNA, guided by the concept and mindset of innovative diplomacy, facilitates many other academic, social and leadership development programs, some aim exclusively for our members and others are open to the general public. These programs include the Youth Delegate Program to the UN for the State of Israel, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, various panels, seminars, workshops, delegations, networking events, exclusive projects, embassy visits, and more.

​The Organization itself is led by individuals possessing a passion and dedication to leadership and youth empowerment, who wish to help others achieve their goals and full potential. The organization is managed by a robust team of over 50 individuals who lead the various branches of the organization in the different campuses as well as an executive body leading the entire organization. Ambitious students and young professionals are always invited to take a more active leadership role within the organization, assisting their peers while developing their own leadership skills.

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"IMUNA is a professional organization dedicated shaping the next generation of Israel's young diplomats and professionals. Exposing our members to the current global issues, we empower the to new solutions with long-lasting impact through debate, negotiation and cooperation methods. We provide them with the tools for success both in Mode UN conferences and simulations as well as in real life. Each of our members is eager to challenge themselves and improve their skills in the fields of public speaking, teamwork and negotiation within the platform we provide to develop and guide the next generation of Israeli leadership"

Ofek Sapir

IMUNA President | 2020-2021

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