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Youth Delegate Program 

Meet Israel's Youth Delegate 2019-2021

Do you have questions regarding the Youth Delegate Program?
Join us on Facebook Live with:
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Ruth Moatti
Israel's Youth Delegate 2019-2021
April 6, at 17:00 LIVE on our IMUNA Facebook Page 
for the questions you would like to submit before the session
About Ruth Moatti

Meet Ruth Moatti, Israel's Youth Delegate 2019-2021. Ruth has been an extraordinary representative, working hard in order to advance global unity and the voice of Israel's Youth. If you would like to meet Ruth and discuss with her the position and its duties, join us on a virtual session with her where you can listen to her speak about her experience, and ask her all your unanswered questions about the program. Stay tuned and constantly check IMUNA's website and Facebook page in order to receive details about the session (date and platform).

Ms. Ruth Moatti says: President Shimon Peres, of blessed memory, said that “Without a Fantasy, you cannot do fantastic things”. My fantasy is that of a world where entrepreneurship offers all, opportunities to thrive and to soar. A world where the impact nation achieves international impact. Together, we can do fantastic things. I am confident that the youth of Israel will continue to use its skills and knowledge and turn Israel into the worlds #Impact Nation

About the Youth Delegate Program

Have you ever dreamed to work in the UN? Has the idea of representing Israel been a dream for you but seemed so out-of-reach? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place!
The Youth Delegate Program, administered by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs with partnership with IMUNA and "Reshut Ha'tzeyirim", is a program where one Israeli youth is chosen in order to represent the country in the United Nation's headquarters in New York. The program includes young people from all around the globe, who are passionate and eager regarding international relations. The delegates discuss, have meetings, and represent their countries with the aim of advocating for social justice.

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