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Leadership Days


What is leadership to you? This seemingly simple question is what we at IMUNA want to delve into deeper within this initiative. The name of this event is Leadership Day, and its purpose will be to explore leadership and its many styles and definitions. In order to answer the question of leadership, we will be inviting professionals from many diverse fields over various sessions to talk to participants in an online setting, which will be based around the style of a panel. These panelists will describe their version of leadership, how they grew as leaders, how they apply leadership on a daily basis at work, why it’s important to be a good leader and more.


There will also be opportunities for dialogue and Q/A in order for the participants to get the most out of the experience. We will be bringing in participants who are young budding professionals that will be eager to learn, and who have an extreme interest in being a leader in the future. Our goal is that these participants grasp the value of good leadership, how it looks like, and how to apply that practical knowledge and practices in their life. This program is more than just a leadership panel, it is an inspirational message for the value of personal growth. It is meant to be a step in the journey towards realizing our inner potential to be great leaders and to act on that realization to grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

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