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Youth Delegate Program 

Meet Israel's Youth Delegates

Meet Israel's Youth Delegates to the United Nations
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Israel's Junior Youth Delegate
Israel's Senior Youth Delegate

Meet Tom Levy, Israel's Youth Delegate to the UN 2020-2022, He is an inspiring young youth and an extraordinary representative. Passionate about entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, mental health and sustainability, Tom is determined to  bring the voice and action of Israel's Youth to the global stage.

As the world is facing its biggest crisis in decades amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Tom spoke in to the United nations about the fear of becoming a "lost generation" as more and more young people face unemployment and mental health. He spoke about the determination of youth, everywhere, to no longer wait for a seat at the table, but to take their future in their  own hands. Youth are not yet part of the decision making processes, but "we are not waiting". 

Tom believes that together, the younger generation can bind together and reach incredible result. He remains confident that the youth of Israel will continue to use its skills and innovative spirit to realize Israel and the future  into one of action and impact as the #ImpactGeneration. 

Want to join here in the Impact Generation?

To learn more about Tom or his time as Israel's Youth Delegate follow the link below or follow him on social media. 

Stay tuned and constantly keep up to date on IMUNA's website and social media pages in order to receive updates and more details.

Meet Ruth Moatti, Israel's Youth Delegate to the UN 2019-2021. She is an extraordinary representative and leading force for the younger generation. Passionate about youth empowerment, gender equality and innovation, she is working hard in order to advance global unity and the voice of Israel's Youth, Ruth has been a leading voice for impact and action.

With the world battling the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for innovative change and methods of adaptation has never been more clear. Quoting President Shimon Peres, of blessed memory, who said that “Without a Fantasy, you cannot do fantastic things”, Ruth has a fantasy for us all. Her fantasy is "that of a world where entrepreneurship offers all, opportunities to thrive and to soar. A world where the impact nation achieves international impact".

Ruth believes in the power of Israel's youth and its ability to accomplish fantastic things. With a commanding spirit and inspired by our nation, she is confident and determined to see Israel's youth "continue to use its skills and knowledge and turn Israel into the world's #Impact Nation".

Want to join here in the Impact Nation?

To learn more about Ruth or her time as Israel's Youth Delegate follow the link below or follow her on social media. 

Stay tuned and constantly keep up to date on IMUNA's website and social media pages in order to receive updates and more details.

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About the Youth Delegate Program

Have you ever dreamed to work in the UN? Are you passionate about the youth of Israel? Has the idea of representing Israel and its youth been a dream for you but seemed so out-of-reach? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place!
The Youth Delegate Program, administered by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with IMUNA and the Israeli Youth Authority, is a program where one Israeli youth is chosen each year in order to represent the country in the United Nation's headquarters in New York and here in Israel. The program includes young people from all around the globe, who are passionate and eager regarding international relations. The delegates discuss, have meetings, and represent their nation and its youth with the aim of advocating for social justice.


The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA), is a non-profit organization, focuses on promoting and empowering the next generation of diplomatic leaders in Israel. IMUNA facilitates various programs and seminars which engage in and focus on international relations, decision making, conflict resolution, public speaking etc. Catering to students and young professionals, and providing them experience and practical insight in these fields.

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