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Tom Levy

Meet Israel's Youth Delegate 2020-2022

Meet Tom
Israel's Youth Delegate to the United Nations
Tom Levy
Israel's Youth Delegate 2020-2022
About Tom Levy : 2020-2021

Mr Tom Levy, Israel's Youth Delegate to the United Nations (2020-20221), is an inspiring young youth and an extraordinary representative. In his role, he strives to represent the voice of  Israel’s new and ever so innovative generation of young and talented people, Bringing their concerns to the international community, promoting exciting accomplishments, and creating a bridge for collaborations with different nations across the globe. Tom is also a therapeutic consultant in a post-hospitalized youth village, where he works with teens on the edge of society, to give them a fighting chance in life.

A proud Israeli, Tom was born and raised in the town of Zoran, located in the Tel Aviv periphery.  Today, he lives in the southern metropolis Beer Sheva as he pursues a Psychology and Political Science degree at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Tom's unique leadership style marked him early as a natural leader, a testament further enforced as he was chosen to participate in the Everet scholarship for social justice, and in his position appointment as lead spokesperson of an environmental NGO, focusing on changing government urban renewal policies to prevent gentrification processes, as well as the creation of slums nationwide. Furthermore, Tom was elected to serve on his Student Union’s directorate board, entrusted with and proudly undertaking a big role in leading the organization during the COVID-19 crisis.


Tom served as a sergeant major in the intelligence corps of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), where he acquired high technological and leadership abilities. Upon finishing his service, he led cyber defense projects in the financial, government, and start-up sectors. After traveling the world for two years, and witnessing firsthand the extent of suffering and social injustice that exists in our world, Tom redirected his life into pursuing societal changes through innovative technology and education. He volunteered in the NGO Fair Planet - an Israeli innovative agricultural development initiative located in Ethiopia. In the Somali desert, Tom worked during a civil war to break vicious cycles of poverty in rural areas, empowering local knowledge and promoting economic education for households.

Tom believes that through involving our technological and highly moral Israeli youth in finding solutions for the world's biggest problems, Israel can become the Impact Nation, making a real dent in creating a better world for our children, and achieving the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“The world is facing its biggest crisis in decades. While COVID-19 has affected the lives of every single person around the world, it has had a uniquely devastating effect on our generation.  But we are not paralyzed by this challenge – it motivates us. Youth everywhere are not waiting to be heard, we are not waiting to be given a seat at the table. We are not willing to be a lost generation”

See his full speech here below:

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Tom Levy
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About the Youth Delegate Program

Have you ever dreamed to work in the UN? Has the idea of representing Israel been a dream for you but seemed so out-of-reach? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place!
The Youth Delegate Program, administered by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs with partnership with IMUNA and "Reshut Ha'tzeyirim", is a program where one Israeli youth is chosen in order to represent the country in the United Nation's headquarters in New York. The program includes young people from all around the globe, who are passionate and eager regarding international relations. The delegates discuss, have meetings, and represent their countries with the aim of advocating for social justice.

The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA), is a non-profit organization, focuses on promoting and empowering the next generation of diplomatic leaders in Israel. IMUNA facilitates various programs and seminars which engage in and focus on international relations, decision making, conflict resolution, public speaking etc. Catering to students and young professionals, and providing them experience and practical insight in these fields.

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