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Gold Diplomat Program

In memory of Michal Golda Karp

Gold Diplomat Program

The Gold Diplomat Program (In Memory of Michal Golda Karp) is


are one of the key leadership programs of The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA).  A unique and exclusive leadership program, it is administered for the leading members and position holders in IMUNA and its chapter across Israel.


This program facilitates meetings with a senior Foreign Diplomat serving in Israel over Brunch. Proud of its diversity and aiming to provide an intimate and exclusive environment for participants, each session's participant group is comprised of 10-15 of IMUNA's leadership and excelling members, representing the diversity of the Israeli society and future leadership.

Each meeting is singular and unique on its own, delivering a distinctive and distinguished experience anew each occurrence. Additionally, with each session taking place at the residence of the Ambassador, or a similarly unique location, and lasting a duration of 2-3 hours, this event is a hard to beat.


The session's discussions and content range from topics such as proper table etiquette, social engagement and life in the diplomatic sector, to that of executive leadership, innovative diplomacy and much more. This unique agenda and discussion style provides our leading members a window behind the curtain, affording them a glance into the deeper, hidden side of diplomatic life.


Simultaneously, this program also allows the senior Diplomat to reach and connect with leading members from the Israeli society of young professionals. This affords them an added level of interaction with the leading youth of Israel and its young leaders, as well as an added level of opportunities and impact for their Embassy in Israel.


With a number of highly successful sessions over the past couple years, the Brunch with Diplomats executive sessions program has displayed great results and feedback. IMUNA continues to expand and strengthen this program each session. We welcome interested entities and Embassies to reach out to us, we would love to explore the option of working with your embassy staff to bring this program to fruition with you and your entity.

Gold Diplomat Program

Are you passionate about youth empowerment and leadership? Have you ever dreamed about meeting other youth and building a platform and network of similar minded and leading young professionals from abroad? Are you dedicated to the youth and future of Israel? Is representing Israel a natural part of who you are and how you engage yourself?  Do you want to take part and develop your innovative leadership skills? Of course you have!
The Gold Diplomat Program in memory of Michal Golda Karp is a youth diplomacy umbrella program which encompasses a variety of options including foreign delegations, Israeli young representative and similar programs which collaborate with external programs, organizations and entities of youth diplomacy and leadership. Together with these external parties, IMUNA provides participants the opportunity to meet other youth, engage with decision-makers and formulate a network of young and motivated leaders from across different borders. These youth meet, engage, interact, discuss, have meetings, and represent their nation and their fellow youth towards a better brighter future, today! 

About Michal Golda Karp



The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA), is a non-profit organization, focuses on promoting and empowering the next generation of diplomatic leaders in Israel. IMUNA facilitates various programs and seminars which engage in and focus on international relations, decision making, conflict resolution, public speaking etc. Catering to students and young professionals, and providing them experience and practical insight in these fields.

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