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Talya Porre

Meet Israel's Youth Delegate 2021-2023

Meet Talya
Israel's Youth Delegate to the United Nations
Talya Porre 1
Talya Porre
Israel's Youth Delegate 2021-2023
About Talya Porre : 2021-2023

My name is Talya Porre, and I was born in a small community in the north – Givat Ela. I recently received my BA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a major in International Relations and East Asia Studies. I am currently studying in an honors program for an MBA.

When I was 16, I participated in a summer camp in the United States under the "Partnership 2000" program, a joint program for the Jewish Agency, the Jezreel Valley Regional Council, and the Detroit community. It was an experience that particularly affected me in several aspects: First, I was asked by one of my friends about the IDF's actions in Gaza, which made me realize that I did not know enough to give a proper answer. Second, I was asked to speak to the program's donors that summer. Through this opportunity, I realized that I need to deepen my knowledge about Israel because, as an Israeli, I do not only represent myself but my country as well. I hoped that I could answer more complex questions in the future.

I was part of the Jewish Agency leadership program for three years. When I graduated high school, I chose to participate in the pre-military education program "Minesharim Kalu," located in kibbutz Maágan Michael led by Col. Moshe (Muki) Betser. After that, I served in the IDF as an instructor in the armored corps, and at the end of my service, I joined a mission of the Jewish Agency, working in two different Jewish communities - Detroit and Athens. While traveling the world in 2017, I volunteered in an animal shelter in Nepal, and I hope to return there!

When I felt it was time to choose my course of study, it was clear that I would choose a field related to the global community and international relations, which is why I came to the Hebrew University. I chose to incorporate International Relations with East Asian studies to become acquainted with a new, foreign and unique culture and language.

In the first year of my studies, I joined the StandWithUs Fellowship, an annual program at the end of which we finally implemented an Israeli advocacy project. As part of the project, I served as the head of the fundraising team, managed a volunteer team, and gained experience in fundraising. At the end of the year, I was selected to be the student speaker at the organization's national conference. The following year, as part of my second year of study, I joined the ISRAELITY program, which deals with public diplomacy and Jewish identity.

My motivation for this position is the will to promote Israel and its image while emphasizing the innovation and creativity that the younger Israeli generation brings forward. A specific aspect I would be happy to address is the UN goal of 2030 – SDG Goal number 2 – zero hunger. Following the Covid-19 crisis, many Israeli families have fallen below the poverty line, and I am interested in taking action to advance this goal. I believe we can create and produce alternative food which will be better for the planet and be accessible to everyone. If there is a will - there is a way. 

I believe that for future generations, global action must be taken to promote the fight against climate change. In my eyes, Israel can become a leading country while having the capabilities to make our world a better world to live in. 

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Talya Porre
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About the Youth Delegate Program

Have you ever dreamed to work in the UN? Has the idea of representing Israel been a dream for you but seemed so out-of-reach? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place!
The Youth Delegate Program, administered by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs with partnership with IMUNA and "Reshut Ha'tzeyirim", is a program where one Israeli youth is chosen in order to represent the country in the United Nation's headquarters in New York. The program includes young people from all around the globe, who are passionate and eager regarding international relations. The delegates discuss, have meetings, and represent their countries with the aim of advocating for social justice.

The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA), is a non-profit organization, focuses on promoting and empowering the next generation of diplomatic leaders in Israel. IMUNA facilitates various programs and seminars which engage in and focus on international relations, decision making, conflict resolution, public speaking etc. Catering to students and young professionals, and providing them experience and practical insight in these fields.

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